How Much Does it Cost to Travel to Tibet?

Naturally, we get asked a lot about the pricing of trips to Tibet. In this post, we’ve put together for you a quick summary of sample costs of some common Tibet tour packages.

Chinese companies can be cheaper, but be careful about making a choice based on price in the Tibet travel market. With those cheapie tours, you definitely get what you pay for!

We recently heard from a traveler who took the cheap path and who regretted her decision when she realized the service with her company was so poor. She actually wanted to change companies, but it was too late. We hate to hear this, and would so much rather help introduce you to a great, fair-priced agency to start with.

Paying a fair price to a reliable, Tibetan-owned company means supporting local, Tibetan-owned businesses, and the Tibetan guides and drivers they hire.

Tibetan Money

Pricing for Common Tibet Tour Packages

The prices on this page are estimates, based on double occupancy. The supplemental cost for having a single room can run from $80 to $400 or more USD, depending on the trip. No flights or trains are included. If you need help for any of these tours, a free referral for a reliable Tibetan-owned agency, and precise costs for your specific journey, contact us here

Everest Base Camp Adventure (8 Days): Group Tour

Cost per person  (Maximum of 10 in group)

Note:  There are fixed date departures basically every week starting mid-April to October. Contact us for a referral to a Tibetan travel agent, who will provide you with the exact costs for your tour.

Everest Base Camp Adventure (8 Days): Private Tour

Cost per person

Everest Base Camp Easier Acclimatizing Small Group Tour (10 Days): Group Tour

This 10-day journey to Everest Base Camp that allows you more time to adjust to high elevation. Highly recommended!

Note that the price of this tour depends on the number of people in your group. (If you want to go alone, you need to book a private tour. )

Low Season: January to May, and October to December

High Season: June to September

15-Day Kailash Group Tour

Cost per person (Minimum of 3 people in the group)

Note: If you are a single traveler, please send a inquiry, and our recommended agents will organize you to join with other clients.

Kailash Private Tour

After the government-imposed transportation fee changes in 2016, traveling to Kailash as a solo private tour shot up, perhaps over $7500 USD for a 15-day tour, and they are still high for private tours. If you are still interested, please fill out the inquiry form here.

4-Day Lhasa Highlights Group Tour 

Group of maximum of 10 people

6-Day Mountains and Monasteries Group Tour 

Journey to Lhasa and stunning destinations nearby.
Group of maximum of 10 people

25-Day Kham and Amdo Overland Private Tour

A huge loop out of Chengdu through the gorgeous mountains, lakes and valleys of the Kham and Amdo regions of Eastern Tibet. Private group of 2 people

Chengdu-Dartsedo-Lhagang-Bamei-Drakgo-Sertar Larung Gar-Gandze-Yarchen Gar-Pelyul-Palpung-Dege-Yilhun Lhatso-Dzogchen-Sershul-Jyekundo-Ganden-Surmang-Nangchen-Jyekundo-Tso Kyarang and Ngorang-Maduo-Mt. Amnye Machen-Darlag-Mt. Nyenpo Yurtse-Ngaba-Barkham-Danba-Zhonglu Village-Suop Watchtowers-Danba-Four Maiden’s Mountain-Rilong-Chengdu

28-Day Grand Tibet Private Tour

Great sights of Kham and Central Tibet

Chengdu-Dartsedo-Lhagang-Drango-Serta Larung Gar-Gandze-Yarchen Gar-Pelyul-Palpung-Derge-Manigango-Yilung Lhatso-Dzogchen-Sershul-Jyekundo-Surmang-Nangchen-Gar-Jyekundo. Fly to Lhasa-Tsurphu-Lhasa-Yamdrok-Gyantse-Shigatse-Sakya-Shegar-Rongbuk-Everest Base Camp-Shigatse-Lhasa

19-Day Group Horse Trek in Kham

Shamalong Horse Festival Trek 5-8 pax

Begin and end in Chengdu, then drive deep into Kham before setting out on stunning rides in remote regions plus visit to Shamalong horse festival.

For a referral to a Tibetan travel agent, who will provide you with the exact costs for your tour, ask us here.