About Us

YoWangdu Experience Tibet focuses on helping people around the world experience Tibetan culture through travel to Tibet. We offer our travelers the chance to support the Tibetan people while enjoying amazing journeys, and to learn about Tibetan culture before they go so that they can have a deeper experience on the trip. We are dedicated to the preservation and development of Tibetan culture and education.

Lobsang Wangdu is a web developer, experienced Tibetan cook, and digital photographer with many years of volunteer service for the Tibetan Association of Northern California. He spent over twenty years as a monk training in Buddhist philosophy, and holds a Master’s degree in Madyamika from the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics in Dharamsala, India.

Having long dreamed of using his photography and technical skills to run his own business, Lobsang co-created YoWangdu in 2009, with the mission of enabling visitors to experience the joys of Tibetan culture.

Lobsang thrives on making his clients happy with exceptional customer service, and is inspired by the motivation to contribute to much-needed education projects for Tibetans.

The beloved Tibetan cookbook — Tibetan Home Cooking — is based on Lobsang Wangdu’s original recipes, with great help from some friends who are wonderful Tibetan chefs. Lobsang learned to cook at a young age by watching his aunt and uncle in Tibet, and as he grew older, he assisted experienced Tibetan chefs, asking questions while he helped cook.

Lobsang has been making variations on the recipes in Tibetan Home Cooking for well over twenty years, and has acquired a wealth of experience along with his innate passion for making the people he cooks for happy.


Yolanda O’Bannon serves as web producer, writer and editor for YoWangdu .

Professionally, Yolanda is the executive and editorial assistant to Bruce Alberts – formerly the Editor-in-Chief of Science magazine and a United States Science Envoy .

She has worked for years as a web producer, and has spent most of her free time in the last 15 years supporting the preservation of Tibetan culture, working as either staff or volunteer in a number of Tibetan support organizations, including the Milarepa Foundation, Tibet Online, the Committee of 100 for Tibet and San Francisco Team Tibet.

She is a long-time traveler, with a special passion for Tibet and Asia.

Lobsang and Yolanda are married and live in the San Francisco Bay Area, where they love to cook and eat Tibetan food.