Tibet Train Travel [2023]

Many, many travelers ask us about Tibet train travel. If you are planning to begin in Lhasa on your visit to Tibet, is it better to fly or take the train?

Tibet train travel — View from train between Xining and Lhasa.

2023 Travel Advisory: Great news! Tibet travel is now open to everyone!

After 3 years of closures, Tibet travel permits are now being processed for all international travelers, no matter if you are traveling from outside China, or if you currently live and work in China.

To travel to Tibet you must have both a Chinese visa and a special Tibet travel permit, which you must get from an official Tibet travel agency. Ask us for an introduction to a reliable Tibetan travel agency here, at no cost to you.


For most people we recommend taking the train. The Tibet “sky” train — the highest train route in the world — is worth taking as a visual introduction to the immense, impressive spaces of the Tibetan Plateau.

Traveling to Tibet by train can also help you acclimatize — just a little — to Tibet’s high altitude.

But please don’t make the mistake of thinking that the train journey by itself will by itself keep you from getting altitude sickness.

Here’s a video walking through 10 lessons we’ve learned to improve the Tibet train experience:

Here are some FAQs about what is officially called the the Qinghai-Tibet Railway and some our most popular Tibet train travel posts.

Tibet Train: FAQs

Tibet train panorama

Is oxygen pumped in?  Yes, after a certain altitude is reached, and you can also use an individual air supply as well, but on one of our trips only one of four oxygen supplies in the train carriage actually worked! This makes us doubt if the oxygen that is pumped in works properly.

Are the train cars pressurized? No, that’s a myth.

Are there doctors on the train? There are supposed to be but we saw zero evidence of any medical personnel.

Best departure point for Tibet train travel? Xining (for views and acclimatizing purposes)

Best time to take the train from Xining for the best views? We recommend the later trains, to see more of the TAR in daylight, but you will thus miss Qinghai Lake.

View from the Tibet train

How to buy tickets?  We recommend buying through an agency, as the tickets are hugely in demand for much of the main tourist seasons, and the agencies have connections and better chances. You can ask us here to put you in touch with a reliable, Tibetan-owned agency.

When to buy tickets? Tickets generally go on sale 30 days in advance and will often sell out right away.

Dates to avoid Tibet train travel? Avoid the Chinese national holidays in May and October. July, August and September are also very busy, and difficult to get good seats (or any seats at times).

Best chance to get seats? Lowest season: November to January

How long to get to Lhasa? From Beijing, 3 days. From Xining (recommended) about 24 hours.

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Roof of Potala

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Updated on January 5, 2023. First published on January 24, 2019.

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