Mt. Kailash: How to Travel to the Holiest Mountain on Earth

Mount Kailash Trekking: A view of Kailash from the Barkha Plain
Mount Kailash Trekking: A view of Kailash from the Barkha Plain

Our goal in this post is to give you all the travel tips and tools we know about traveling to holy Mt Kailash, which for many is a highlight of their visit to Tibet.


Where is Mt. Kailash? 
It’s in the far west of Tibet, near the intersection of Tibet, Nepal and India.

How long is the Kailash trek?
It’s a very high-altitude 32 mile/ 52 kilometer path around the base of the sacred mountain, shared by Tibet travelers and pilgrims. Most travelers take three days while many Tibetans do it in one.

How can I travel to Mt. Kailash?  
You need to be on an official tour in Tibet (on a private or group tour with a travel agency), starting in Lhasa. If you want help with that, click here to ask us to connect you to a reliable Tibetan-owned travel agent. (Sorry, our agents cannot assist Indian nationals.)

How high is the mountain? 
21,778 feet/ 6638 meters

Why is Mt. Kailash known for?
Mt. Kailash is one of the most holy and unique spots on earth, and is a sacred pilgrimage site for people of the Buddhist, Hindu, Jain and Bon faiths.

Does the Mt. Kailash trek reach the peak of the mountain? 
No. The pilgrimage trek circles the base of the mountain on a very high altitude trekking route that tops out at the 18,372ft (5600m) Dolma pass. Mount Kailash itself has never been climbed, because it is considered so sacred to Buddhists and Hindus.

What is the mountain called by Tibetans?
Tibetans know Kailash as Kang Rinpoche.

Start here to learn how to experience this genuinely once-in-a-lifetime journey for yourself:

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A view of Lake Manasarovar and the Barkha Plain from the foothills of Mount Kailash.

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Mount Kailash Tour

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Practical Travel Tips for the Mt Kailash Trek

The lovely little Zutulpuk Gompa on the Kailash trek.

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How to Prepare for a Mt Kailash Trek

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Mount Kailash Videos

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Kailash Photos

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Updated on February 20, 2021. First published on February 16, 2019.

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