Checklist: Altitude Sickness Prevention

This checklist accompanies the Tibet Toolkit: How to Avoid Altitude Sickness in Tibet. Use this checklist to help make sure you cover all the most important points for staying healthy at altitude in Tibet. 

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Sunrise over the mountains near Mt.
Sunrise over the mountains near Mt. Everest at Everest Base Camp (17,060 ft/5200 m)
  • If you do nothing else, do this: Know and share with your fellow travelers the three simple rules to prevent death or severe illness from high altitude, and the three golden rules of altitude sickness. Learn more.
  • Learn the definition of high altitude. Learn more.
  • Learn to recognize and respond to the symptoms of the types of altitude sickness. Learn more.
  • Learn the best method to avoid altitude sickness. Learn more.
  • Figure out the altitude of your destination/s in Tibet. Learn more.
  • Plan your itinerary in Tibet to help prevent altitude sickness. Learn more.
  • Learn the risk factors for altitude sickness. Learn more.
  • Consult your personal doctor and a travel doctor to learn what, if any, medicines you might take. Learn more.
  • Understand the evidence about natural remedies. Learn more.
  • Learn the high-altitude do’s and don’ts. Learn more.

Be safe and have a fantastic journey!
Lobsang and Yolanda