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Kham Photo Gallery: Nangchen by Martin Newman

One of our favorite Tibet photographers is Martin Newman, who last year contributed a beautiful photo gallery of a large loop he traveled through Kham and Amdo. He is back now with a gallery of new images from a trip to Nangchen. Thank you, Martin!

Nangchen Hot Springs
Jamar Waka Hot Springs in Nangchen area of Kham, Tibet. © Martin Newman

In October of 2013, my travel companions and I set out on a 16-day journey through the Nangchen region of Kham. This area known for its mountainous, rugged terrain as well as its numerous monasteries is still, for the most part, untouched by tourism. Our travels took us to Gar, Tsechu, Trulshik, and Tarna monasteries, to name a few, as well as Zamerchen and other nunneries. A trip to Gecak nunnery had to be cancelled because of extremely hazardous road conditions.We slept in monasteries, tents and in the homes of local residents. One highlight of our trip among many, was a stay at Jamar Waka hot springs. There, in the midst of snow capped mountains and grazing yaks, we joined locals in warming ourselves on stones in the river thermally heated by the springs and in the baths. I’m grateful for the privilege of having been able to visit this remote corner of Tibet where the Nangchen kings once ruled. This is a small visual record of our adventure. — Martin Newman

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5 responses to “Kham Photo Gallery: Nangchen by Martin Newman”

  1. Victoria Avatar

    Oh these are superb…there is not one other place that can reveal a culture via of it’s scenery.
    Additionally the smiles of it’s people just touch my heart, make me smile and especially the expressions of the children.
    I am so grateful you posted these….a priviledge.

    1. We completely agree. Thanks so much, Victoria!

  2. Gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It’s our pleasure, Lisa! Great to hear from you 🙂

  3. Magnificient !

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