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A Photographic Journey in Kham and Amdo by Petri Kaipiainen

Larung Gar Buddhist Institute near Sertar, Kham at Sunset. Photos by Petri Kaipiainen.

This beautiful, unusual photographic journey in Kham and Amdo comes to us from Petri Kaipiainen, a Finnish photojournalist and travel writer who has visited Tibet four times since 1985. Petri’s 16-day journey took place in July and August of 2013, starting with the Repkong Shaman Festival in Amdo and making a large clockwise 3000 kilometer circle which included the giant Buddhist Institutes of Larung Gar and Yarchen Gar (Yachen Gar, alternate spelling) in Kham. Those two institutes have been a well-kept secret until recently, especially Yarchen Gar, hidden in the middle of nowhere at 4000m altitude, and unmarked on any maps.

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You can view the full flicker sets from Petri Kaipiainen, with 196 photographs here >>

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4 responses to “A Photographic Journey in Kham and Amdo by Petri Kaipiainen”

  1. Adriane Avatar

    Do you have any travel agents to recommend for bringing a small group of 4 to 6 pax to Yarchen Gar and Larang Gar?

    1. Hi Adriane,
      We are happy to help with this. Please fill out the travel form here:
      and we will forward your information on to one of our agents.

  2. Caroline Avatar

    These photographs are so beautiful! I can’t wait to travel to Tibet someday and see things with my own eyes.

    1. Thank you Caroline! We hope that you can see it all for yourself. If you do, let us know if you’d like to write a guest post on your travels 🙂

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