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Comfort Your Soul with Tibetan Home Cooking

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Learn how to bring joy to the people you love
by making your own delicious, authentic Tibetan meals.

Tibetan Food: Tibetan Cookbook — Tibetan Home Cooking

The Tibetan Home Cooking eBook and Video Series is the only Tibetan cookbook full of color photographs and videos that go with each recipe for easy, step-by-step cooking.

Veg Gonthuk
Shapale: Fried Meat Pies

I’m Lobsang Wangdu and I’m a Tibetan who loves to cook for my friends and family.

Tibetan food is wonderful hot comfort food for both meat lovers and vegetarians, and you can easily learn to cook all the Tibetan favorites for yourself and your friends. I know this is true because I have done it myself.

I learned to make my favorite Tibetan dishes like momos (dumplings) and sha balep (fried meat or veggie pies) by watching and helping some great cooks and then just trying the recipes myself.

I have been cooking Tibetan dishes for over 20 years, but you won’t have to practice that long because I have made a very easy-to-follow Tibetan Home Cooking cookbook and video series for you!

Featured in the New York Times

I’m proud to say one of my recipes from the Tibetan Home Cooking eBook — for sepen, Tibetan hot sauce — is featured in the New York Times dining section along with an article in which NYT food writer Julia Moskin asked me about Tibetan food in exile.

What People are Saying about the Tibetan Home Cooking Recipes

  • Jen Berthet from Australia: “YUMMO!!! …Each [dish] as a stand alone, was fabulous in its own right…but, together, they were amazing…I’ve learnt a whole new taste sensation….”
  • Michelle: “I just wanted to say that I love the ebook (cookbook) I also love the follow along tutorials. There is nothing that could be anymore clear and accessible. I also wanted to say thank you. The warmth and kindness that shines through is such a testament to Tibetan culture. The old prophecy regarding the dharma moving west has been evident for years but people like you are helping it to flourish. Thank you thank you, thank you.”
  • Nilanjana Moulick: “...the recipes turned out great! I love them and so does my Taster-in-Chief, my daughter Ananya.”

 Here’s What You’re Going to Get

  • A 130+ page eBook full of well-loved, authentic recipes that are cooked in the great majority of Tibetan homes. An eBook is just a book that you can download right now to your computer, with no waiting and no shipping costs. You can print all of it or parts of it, and you can use it on your iPad/iPhone, or other mobile device.
  • 27 wonderful recipes that have been passed down in Tibetan families for hundreds of years.
  • Access to a video for each recipe, showing you exactly how I make each recipe, step by step. The videos all come on one easy-to-acces page, that you can play on your computer or iPod or iPhone, or anywhere that you can play a YouTube video. Videos run 3 to 17 minutes long, for a total of almost four hours of video! Click on the image below to get a sample of one of our videos.
  • Very clear, simple written directions that are illustrated with tons of color photographs. 
  • Tips on how to find exotic ingredients or what to substitute for certain things that are really hard to find outside Tibet, like yak meat. The great majority of the dishes can be made with simple ingredients that you can find in your local stores, like beef, mutton, or vegetables, wheat flour, ginger, garlic, onions and regular butter, and we guide you on what to use

Includes eBook and access to over 3 hours of video.

The Videos Make it Easy and Fun

There is no other Tibetan cookbook that presents every single recipe in so many wonderful formats to guide you — these are detailed written recipes each generously accompanied by large, excellent pictures AND a step-by-step video.

And this is the only book that focuses on recipes that are used daily in almost every Tibetan home.

I learned these recipes growing up in Tibetan households, and I still cook them in my home today, as do the great majority of Tibetan families.

I don’t think this unique cookbook has any competition when it comes to fantastic, unique, and down-to-earth meals presented with superb detail, tons of large photos and incredibly helpful videos.

100% Money-Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked, for Three Full Months

There’s no risk to you because you can return the package for a 100% refund, for any reason, for a full three months after purchase. Just didn’t like it? Return it! Kept it for 2 months and try all the recipes and then decided you didn’t need it? Return it! I can offer you this because I am so sure that you will like this book and love the food, and that you cannot find anything packed with as much valuable content anywhere else.

I can tell you from personal experience that I love to cook Tibetan food for my friends and family. They always enjoy it and I feel great cooking for them.

By sharing my recipes with you, I hope to give you the same wonderful experience.

Lobsang and Yolanda

P.S.  Tibetan food is great comfort food — and brings a lot of joy not just to Tibetans, but to people from all over the world. In my experience, all of my non-Tibetan friends who tried it, loved it. It’s hot, delicious and really fun to make together with a group of friends. You can download the eBook and video series right now, and start sharing a little Tibetan joy with your friends and family today.