How Much Does it Cost to Travel to Tibet? [2023]

In this post, we’ve put together for you a quick summary of sample costs of some common Tibet tour packages.

Chinese companies are usually cheaper, but be careful about making a choice based on price in the Tibet travel market.

With those cheapie tours, you definitely get what you pay for!

We recently heard from a traveler who took the cheap path and who regretted her decision when she realized the service with her company was so poor. She actually wanted to change companies, but it was too late. We hate to hear this, and would so much rather introduce you to a great, fair-priced agency to start with.

Paying a fair price to a reliable, Tibetan-owned company when you visit Tibet means supporting local, Tibetan-owned businesses, and the Tibetan guides and drivers they hire.

Pricing for Common Tibet Tour Packages

Tibetan Money

The prices on this page are estimates, based on double occupancy. The supplemental cost for having a single room can run from $80 to $400 or more USD, depending on the trip. No flights or trains are included.

If you need help for any of these tours, a free referral for a reliable Tibetan-owned agency, and precise costs for your specific journey, contact us here

2023 Travel Advisory: Great news! Tibet travel is now open to everyone!

After 3 years of closures, Tibet travel permits are now being processed for all international travelers, no matter if you are traveling from outside China, or if you currently live and work in China.

To travel to Tibet you must have both a Chinese visa and a special Tibet travel permit, which you must get from an official Tibet travel agency. Ask us for an introduction to a reliable Tibetan travel agency here, at no cost to you.


Small Group Tours

Note: If you are a single traveler, please send a inquiry, and our recommended agents will organize you to join with other clients.

Everest Base Camp Adventure

Tibet Tour Packages: Everest Base Camp Tibet

8-day journey to Everest Base Camp, starting in Lhasa and including highlights of Central Tibet.

Note: There are fixed date departures basically every week starting mid-April to October.

Everest Base Camp Easier Acclimatizing

Everest Base Camp on the Tibet Side.

This 10-day journey to Everest Base Camp that allows you more time to adjust to high elevation. Highly recommended!

Note that the price of this tour depends on the number of people in your group. (If you want to go alone, you need to book a private tour. )

Low Season: January to May, and October to December

High Season: June to September

Mount Kailash Trek

Tibet tour packages: Dolma La Pass on Mount Kailash

15-day journey to Mount Kailash that includes 3-day trek around the holy mountain and many of the highlights of Central Tibet.

Lhasa Highlights

Lhasa Tibet: Potala Palace at night
The Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet.

At 4 days, the Lhasa highlights tour is the shortest trip to Central Tibet you can take.

Tibet-Nepal Overland Journey

Boudhanath Temple Kathmandu Nepal

Classic 8-day journey that takes you from Lhasa to the Nepal border, including Everest Base Camp. Learn more about this popular Tibet-Nepal package.

Cultural Tibet

Monks at Shalu Monastery in Tibet

6-day journey to Lhasa and stunning destinations nearby. Learn more from our favorite, most reliable, Tibetan-owned agency. Ask us to introduce you here.

Yushu Horse Racing Festival

On the trail during a horse trek in Kham.
On the trail during a horse trek in Kham.

9-day journey in culturally-preserved Kham, including the horse festival. Get a recommendation for a Tibetan-owned guide who can plan this trip for you here.

Lithang Horse Racing Festival

At one of the campsites on the ride.
At one of the campsites on the ride.

11-day tour in Kham, Eastern Tibet, including horse-racing festival.

Get a recommendation for a Tibetan-owned guide who can plan this trip for you here.

Private Tours

Everest Base Camp

Everest: Altitude Sickness Prevention

Journey to Everest Base Camp, starting in Lhasa and including highlights of Central Tibet. (8 days or more, customizable)

Mount Kailash Pilgrimage

Tibet tour packages: Mount Kailash tour

After the government-imposed transportation fee changes in 2016, traveling to Kailash as a solo private tour will be very expensive, perhaps over $7500 USD for a 15-day tour, and they are still high. If you are still interested, please fill out the inquiry form here.

Kham and Amdo Overland

Tibet tour packages: Another view of Kathok Monastery in Kham
Another view of Kathok Monastery in Kham, at 4,023 meters/13,195 feet.

25-day (or as long or short as you wish) journey through highlights of Eastern Tibet. Get a recommendation for a Tibetan-owned guide who can plan this trip for you here. 

Grand Tibet

Tibet tour packages

28-day customizable journey of the great sights of Kham, Amdo and Central Tibet. Get a recommendation for a Tibetan-owned guide who can plan this trip for you here. 

Horse Trek in Kham

Riding horse in the water

19-day journey on horseback with a company that specializes in horse trekking.

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Updated on January 5, 2023. First published on December 23, 2018.

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  1. Wilfredo Pena-Flores says

    Hello Dear,
    A couple questions:
    1.- I am interested in the 4 Days Lhasa Highlights during high season, just one person but I would like to be part of a group tour. Is that Possible? Can you provide a description of the tour? Prices?
    2.- If my understanding that I have to have a Visa to enter China and the Special permit to enter Tibet. Question: While requesting the Visa to Enter China, do I need to request the permit for Tibet, also?
    Thank you for your attention,

    • yowangdu says

      Hi Wilfredo!
      We’re happy to give you an introduction to a Tibetan travel agency who can help you go on a group tour for the 4 Days trip to Lhasa. Just fill out this form: No, you don’t need to ask for the Tibet permit when you get your Chinese visa. In fact, you should not mention Tibet on your Chinese visa application. Your Tibetan agent will handle the permit. Cheers!
      Yolanda and Lobsang

  2. Nancy says

    Hi I have been quoted a huge amount for a 12 day private tour in And around Lhasa and monasteries around U Tsang- $3200- seems excessive to me. Everything included but not flight. Can you comment? Thanks

  3. mgyalo says

    I plan to go to Kham and Amdo next June. So could you please share the contact of your agency.
    My mail mgyalo (at)

  4. Petrus says

    Last July we made a 22 day Kham and Amdo private tour from Chengdu to Xining, 9 people with 3 Pajeros, 3 drivers and 2 guides. We asked for quotes for full board trip (including everything, also food) from 6 Tibetan owned agencies and the prices varied between 4050€ and 2265€. Even the cheapest offer, which we chose, worked just fine. Looking at the prices of hotels and food and considering the salary levels in Tibet the agency still must have made a decent profit. Lesson learnt: bargain and ask around.

    • Michelle Lu says

      Hi! Would you be able to share which agency you went with in the end? I am planning to go in April with a friend and looking at a 10 day from Lhasa to EBC and back. But similar to you, I am perplexed as to why there are huge price discrepancies. So I would rather go with the recommendations of past travellers. Hope you would be able to help.

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