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Tibet Nepal Border 2017

Kyirong Border gate to enter Nepal

NOTE: Rules around entry to Tibet via Nepal change from time to time. We do our best to keep the info on this page updated but it is best to always check our Tibet Travel Advisory page for the most recent updates.

The big news in the Tibet travel world is that the Tibet Nepal Border is open to foreign travelers again! 

Announced on August 30 by government officials from the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR), the border opening allows once again one of the most popular overland journeys in the world — travel between Lhasa, Tibet and Kathmandu in Nepal. 

The previous international border crossing, at Dram, closed in April 2015 after damage caused by the large earthquake in the region.

The new one is located at Kyirong on the Tibetan side, and Rasuwagi in Nepal. Various reports, including this post by our friend Jamin at the Land of Snows, indicate that the road on the Nepali side is rough at least part of the way.

NOTE: Beginning in September 2023, the old Dram/Zhangmu border re-opened to tourists entering Tibet. This is better since Dram is closer to Kathmandu than Kyirong, and the road is better.

On a related note, the tour group size for the Group Visas that are issued out of Kathmandu for Tibet is now a minimum of 4 people. From 2023, however, there is a new rule that you need at least 4 people in a group to apply for the group visa from Nepal to Tibet, and that all 4 people must go together to the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu for the application. This only applies to visas applied for in Kathmandu. You can still enter Tibet from mainland China without restrictions on the number of people in the official group.

If you would like a connection to a reliable Tibetan-owned agent for more information about the newly-restarted trip, sign up here. Don’t worry if you don’t know your dates or anything more than that you are interested in the trip, just fill out as much as you can and our partner agents in Lhasa will help you with the rest.

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