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Scenes of Lhasa in Winter

As you’re about to see, Lhasa in winter is not at all what most people think.

Our Dutch friend and Tibet traveler, Ellen Ebens, shares with you an awesome photo gallery from a Tibet trip she made in January! Thanks, Ellen!

Tibetan Ladies Front of Potala Place
Tibetan Ladies Front of Potala Place
Here’s a word from Ellen:

I’m Ellen and I’m back with a new photo gallery on YoWangdu — this time with photos from Lhasa, the capital of Tibet (the Tibetan Autonomous Region).

I love visiting Lhasa. Till now I have been in Lhasa a total of eleven times. Last year I went to Lhasa in the winter time. Lhasa in winter time is a great city to visit. Why? I’ll tell you the secret. It’s low season for tourists. But for pilgrims it’s high season.

All the land in Tibet is frozen and the farmers and nomads can’t do much working. So they go on a pilgrimage to holy places like the temples and monasteries at Lhasa. And they come from everywhere. Also from distant areas such as Kham and Amdo. So Lhasa is filled with beautiful and colorful people. Many of them are nomads who wear traditional clothing. And there are almost no tourists. I enjoy this so much and every day I want to walk some koras with the pilgrims around the Jokhang Temple.

Another secret: mostly in winter the days are very sunny with nice temperatures during the daytime. The nights, though, can be quite cold. But if you want to visit Lhasa at another time of the year, that’s also fine. Lhasa is a great destination to visit the whole year round!

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  1. Dr Fiona M Clements-Russell Avatar
    Dr Fiona M Clements-Russell

    Thank you so very much for sharing these wonderful,atmospheric photos of the beautiful city of Lhasa. As I doubt I will ever be able to visit there myself because of disabilities, it was such a great to linger over the photos here, it almost felt as if I had been on a journey to Lhasa myself!

    Tashi Delek and my very Warmest Wishes as always…

    Fiona xXx

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