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Images from Eastern Tibet by Jørgen Johanson

We recently discovered the Tibet work of travel photographer Jørgen Johanson, and have been fascinated by his excellent images of contemporary Amdo and Kham. Jørgen kindly has agreed to share a selection of photos spanning three trips he took over the last several years for a gallery on Eastern Tibet. Thank you, Jørgen! 

Monk getting tea

Click on any image below to get a larger view, or to start a slideshow.

See more of Jørgen’s images on his site: https://www.jjohanson.com

More about Jørgen Johanson:

“In 1985 I went on my first trip to Asia. After having completed the Annapurna circuit in Nepal I was hooked. Both on Asia and on travel. Before going to Nepal I bought my first camera. Since then I have always brought a camera. In later years the main objective on my travels has been to photograph. A couple of years ago I took 2-3 years off just to travel. Most of my trips have gone to Asia, but recently I have also made some trips to Africa. I keep coming back to both India and China. Areas with Tibetan culture and the Himalayas really fascinate me.”

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