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Videos: How Do You Feel at High Altitude in Tibet?

Are you concerned about getting altitude sickness in Tibet? Do you wonder how you will feel at high altitude? 

We sure did, on our first trips to Tibet! We did get altitude sickness, and we felt pretty crappy.

Through the years, we’ve learned and posted a lot about how to feel better and stay healthy on a Tibet trip.

On Yolanda’s last trip, a pilgrimage to Mount Kailash that she made with Meg Moser, they focused on reducing their chances of getting altitude sickness. 

In these videos, Meg and Yolanda check in along the 30 day route, tracking how it feels to be at high altitude in Tibet. 

First day in Lhasa (11,975 ft/3658 m)

Day 10 at high altitude in Tibet (Gyantse, 13,050 ft/3977 m)

Darchen, at the foot of Mount Kailash (15,010 ft/4575 m)

At Saga, following the Mt Kailash trek (15,223 ft/4640 m)

Day four of the Ganden to Samye Trek (16,600 ft/5059 m)

Leaving Yamalung, at end of Ganden to Samye trek (~12,600 ft/3840 m)

Since each person has a unique response to high altitude, we can’t tell you exactly how you will feel, but Yolanda and Meg can attest that they definitely felt better than on any other visit to Tibet by using the method of sleeping two nights in Xining, taking the train from Xining to Lhasa, and using Diamox.

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