YoWangdu Tibet Travel Agent Introduction

This page is for the use of travel agents and travel bloggers who are interested in being introduced to Tibet travel agencies for the purpose of referring travelers for trips to Tibet, and earning commissions on those referrals.

Please fill out the form below.

Once you fill it out, we will forward your information to a reliable Tibetan-owned agency in an email with a cc to you. After that you can discuss an agreement directly with the agent along with the terms of your commission. Those terms will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

You can find a bit more information about the simple, informal system for getting commissions on Tibet travel referrals below the form.

Heads up that Tibet is closed to foreign travel due to the pandemic, as is China in general. We hope it will open soon but have no official word on when that will happen. However, travelers often inquire about and book Tibet trips far in advance, sometimes a year or more out. We personally are referring travelers now to the agents for travel they hope to make in 2021.

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The process is extremely simple. You refer travelers in your community — individuals and/or groups — to the Tibetan agents and you earn commission on each trip. (A simple email is sufficient to pass the traveler info to the travel agents.)

The Tibetan agents handle all the questions and organization for the trip. After the trip is complete, the agents pay your commissions once a month via PayPal.

There is also the chance to set up trips for a group of your people with the Tibetan agency, if you prefer. They are superb as partners.

Disclosure: We may get a commission if you decide to refer travelers to the agents we introduce you to. We value your trust, and our reputation and good word, and so only give referrals to companies that we consider to be among the very best in Tibet. 

Disclaimer: YoWangdu makes every effort to connect you to superb, trustworthy travel agents that we use ourselves, but we can’t and don’t guarantee the services provided by these agents. We are not part of any agreements you may make with the travel agents and we have no responsibility for any loss or damage of any nature that may result due to your agreements with the agencies, or for any aspect of the trips your audience members take in Tibet.