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“I had a great time in Tibet:

I had a great time in Tibet:
Amazing country with interesting culture and amazing sceneries
I experienced no altitude sickness as I was taking Diamox. I was happy to be able to discuss this issue with Yolanda prior to my travel
Very good guide: knowledgeable about Tibetan Buddhism, nice, polite, on time.
Good weather in September
Very nice group of travellers
Our guide was a Tibetan that studied in one of the monasteries we visited, so he was very insightful on Buddhism culture, in addition to be very friendly. Everything was well-organised and I got along very well with the group of travellers, which overall made the trip very enjoyable. Tibet is an amazing region to visit and I wish I could go back. I would definitely recommend [your partner agency] to any friend wanting to visit Tibet.

Seraphine Ellis, France

You probably will not remember but last year I asked, and you recommended [a] guide service in Tibet. We took the advice and will always be grateful we did. Every day I think of our too short a time crossing Tibet meeting wonderful people, seeing amazing geography and spending deeply moving time in very special places across the country

Brooks and Diane, USA

Fabienne Elias

Thank you so much for recommending Tashi to us!! He was a bit more expensive than Road to Tibet, but we are very happy that we decided to book his tour instead. We had a comfortable car, very safe drivers and Tashi made all our wishes come true. We were able to come very close to the culture and had so many wonderful encounters with local people, all thanks to Tashi. We are sure to come back some time to discover more of Kham & Amdo (or honestly I think I could do exactly the same itinerary next time again and I would enjoy it just as much .

Thank you so much for your help and your useful website!

Fabienne & Elias, Switzerland

I will always remember that walk in that starry night with shining stars and a bright moon. I have seen many starry nights, but none of them were like this one up in the Himalayas. While, we were heading toward tents, we kept turning around to see if Mt Everest summits were still visible. With every passing minute, it was getting darker around us, but ME summits stayed firmly up there in the sky brightened up by some distant lights….it was great learning experience. We had a great guide… who is really educated about Tibetan culture. He just saturated us with cultural info….

Bob Stankovic, Canada

The trip to Tibet was absolutely amazing! The people and the scenery really can’t get much better! I would definitely recommend this trip to my family and friends. Also, thank you so much for the packing list that you sent. I went through each item and made sure that I packed what you suggested. There were a few things that I didn’t bring, but overall I felt very prepared for any situation. 

Bridget Cullen, Ireland

Everything went to plan, even the weather was glorious every single day. Thank you for all your invaluable support. The train journey was great (hard sleeper not really a problem, nicer in a way as you get to look out of two windows) and…we got little or no altitude problems anywhere we went other than the odd mild headache and pins and needles. The advice you give on your website to start train at Xining is perfect. I managed (just!) to climb up Gangri Tholkar to reach Longchenpa’s cave, absolutely wonderful, the significance of it all only just sinking in. Erin and Richard had a marvelous trip to Everest and were lucky enough to spend the night in a yak tent just before it was packed up for winter. Richard took some stunning photos at the mountain at night with the starriest sky imaginable.

The agents are a great bunch, we were very happy with all our guides and drivers and it was particularly nice to meet Samdup after all those emails 🙂 Being very familiar with traveling in Asia we did find the trip expensive…[but] the trip was worth every yuan ? would do it again in a heartbeat.

I am now dreaming of a return to places such as Dzogchen Monsatery and Derge.

Cathy, Richard and Erin Lynch, USA

I have now just returned from having two of the best weeks of my life travelling in Kham. It was the perfect tour. As a western Buddhist living in Australia I planned , together with the help from Gonkho a pilgrimage based holiday. I would highly recommend this company to anybody wishing to travel to this part of the world. Gonkho is one of the most professional people I have met. He knows and loves his country and this was obvious every day of our travels . I hope to go back to the Tibet Plateau next year and once again I will deal directly with Gonkho and his delightful company…Once again, thank you so much for introducing me to Gonkho and his Company, 

Katrine Lodington, Australia

Your service was particularly helpful because it helped us finalize a tour group, which was the most important part of this trip. Tibet is a really remote part of the world to get to so it was reassuring to speak to genuine American curators in advance to have a comfort level before going.

Anna and Edward Xie, from the US

It was wonderful to have a trustworthy referral from Yowandu Tibet and to feel confident that we were truly booking with a Tibetan owned company.  This was really important to us.  It was also great to be able to have ongoing email contact, to ask questions and check a few things, as our plans developed.  It is worth taking your time to research and plan well, especially with the altitude levels.  You will find the people and scenery of Tibet wonderful…enjoy!  Especially for altitude sickness

Happy boots

Before going to Tibet, I went to the website YoWangdu Tibetan Culture.  This website provided so much useful and helpful information.  Wanting to enjoy my Tibetan experience to the fullest, I wanted to minimize my risk of getting altitude sickness. Purchasing their Altitude Sickness Toolkit was one of the best decisions I made for this journey.  I followed their suggestions.  I did not get altitude sickness. I fully enjoyed my time in Tibet and fell in love with the culture and people of Tibet.  As an added bonus, Yolanda and Lobsang provided exceptional customer service.  They answered my questions via email and even a  Skype a call.  i could sense their genuine wishes for my safe travels.  If you are going to Tibet, I recommend reviewing the Altitude Sickness Toolkit!  Warmly, Kerry R.

Kerry R., US

Traveled to Kham in summer 2016

What adventure! At first, the visit to Potala Palace, Lhasa old town and all the temples and monasteries around. Thanks to Gyeltsen, our guide, I could really enjoy all this places, he knows a lot about buddhism and tibetan culture and history, specially cause he lives and loves all this rich heritage. Besides this, he managed to us always the best options about itinerary, places to stay and other decisions during the trip. Then we went to EBC, and fortunately the weather was clean and we saw the mountain perfectly for a long time. When Bimo, a trip mate, felt bad due the high altitude, Gyeltsen and Tenzin, our driver, gave him oxygen and took care about him. Actually they were always very helpful about our health and safety. At the last day of the trip, when we was almost arriving in the last City before the Nepal border, happened the earthquake. Fortunately we wasn’t at the tremour’s zone at the moment, and when we knew about the gravity of the situation, we needed to come back to Lhasa. That’s when Tenzin showed how skillful he is, cause he drove more than 12 hours, almost, non stop, and a long time under a hard snow, and everything was alright. We spend the night in a great hotel and at the day after we arrived in Lhasa, was sunday, but all the staff were at the agency to a warm welcome and help us with everything we needed. Sonan, Kalsang and Samdup gave us all the support to stay one more day in Lhasa, two days, in my case, till we manage our tickets and further trips. So I only can highly recommend [the agent you referred us to]! Guys, Thank you very much for everything!

Kerry R., US

Hi Yolanda & Lobsang,

My husband and I landed in Mumbai India safely yesterday. Also all member in our group tour in safe condition. Thanks for concerning us.  [The Tibetan-owned travel agent you recommended] took a really good care of us.

And thanks for recommending [them] to us, Yolanda. We are very satisfied with their service. They treated us not just like a guest in Tibet, but more like a family.

After the earthquake, they were helping us a lot and calmed us down about this situation until we can leave Tibet safely.

Warm regards from Mumbai,

Nisa & Bimo

I think tourists who come to Tibet deserve to know what really happen in Tibet, and they wouldn’t know if they join the Chinese travel agent. I will give my full support to the Tibetan owned travel agent.

From Nisa Rahma, Indonesia, who took the Lhasa to Nepal: An Overland Adventure tour in April 2015.
 Read Nisa’s moving account of being near the Tibet border when the large earthquake struck Nepal >>

You probably will not remember but last year I asked, and you recommended [a] guide service in Tibet. We took the advice and will always be grateful we did. Everyday I think of our too short a time crossing Tibet meeting wonderful people, seeing amazing geography and spending deeply moving time in very special places across the country. My wife and I are now planning a return trip to Mt Kailash with our grown daughters and will certainly have [the same agency] help us to get there. Many thanks again I am forever grateful.

From Brooks, USA, who took the Lakes and Mountains Deluxe Tour in April 23, 2015

We had a fantastic time in Tibet, and loved every minute of visiting the country.  A lot of this is down to Namgyal, who was an amazing guide.  He answered every question we had, and was so interested and engaged in everything we were doing that we constantly felt like we were visiting temples and monasteries with a friend.  His knowledge was amazing, and his attitude was always friendly, positive and reassuring – we felt well cared for at all times.

From Sarah and Alan, Ireland, who took the Everest Base Camp Adventure in April 20, 2015