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Lobsang Wangdu shares with you his personal Tibetan recipes. Tibetan food has the unique quality of being extra warming. Maybe because Tibet is so high and so often cold, Tibetan food developed this special quality. We don’t know, but in addition to tasting AMAZINGLY good, it definitely warms you up!

If you would like to explore more of the wonderfully comforting, unusual flavors of traditional Tibetan food, please see our Tibetan Home Cooking eBook and video series.

We’re proud to say one of our recipes — for sepen, Tibetan hot sauce — has been featured in the New York Times dining section along with an article that quoted YoWangdu’s Lobsang Wangdu talking about Tibetan food in exile.

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Momom1 Momos — Recipe for Tibetan Dumplings
The most well-known and beloved of Tibetan dishes, momos are dumplings filled with either meat or vegetable mixtures. In this post, Lobsang Wangdu shares both of his excellent recipes with you.
Losar Guthuk. Vegetarian Guthuk Recipe
Warm, wonderful, hearty veg version of the recipe for the popular guthuk noodle soup traditionally eaten at the end of the year. For a meat version of the soup, see our thukpa bhatuk recipe.
How to Make Cheese and Spinach Momos How to Make Cheese and Spinach Momos
We tried out a tasty new momo recipe with a cheese and spinach filling that we think you’ll like.
How Many Calories in Veg Momos? How Many Calories in Veg Momos?
We are often asked how many calories are in steamed veg momos, so we sat down last week with an online nutritional counter and worked out the calories, fat, carbs and protein for Lobsang’s Cheese and Spinach Momos recipe.
Tibetan Home Cooking Tibetan Home Cooking Cookbook
Learn how to bring joy to the people you love by making your own authentic, delicious Tibetan meals — momos, sha baglep, thukpa, etc. — with detailed written recipes and step-by-step videos.
Tsampa Snack Balls Tsampa Snack Balls: Delicious and Nutritious!
We are delighted to share these three beautiful new tsampa recipes by Ann Lachman, owner of Purple Mountain Tsampa.
Losar Shrine of the Gyuto Dharma Center in San Jose, California Shamey Gongthuk
This is a new Tibetan fusion veggie dish, Shamey Gongthuk, “no meat” egg noodles. The hearty hand-made egg noodles are Lobsang’s first try at the beloved noodles he remembers watching his uncle make in Tibet.
Losar Shrine of the Gyuto Dharma Center in San Jose, California Losar – Tibetan New Year
A guide to how Tibetans celebrate the Tibetan New Year, including making a Losar shrine, recipes for guthuk, khapse and dresil, nyi shu gu traditions, momos and how to make po cha and tsampa!
Khapse Recipes: Bulug Khapse Recipes: Bulug
As part of a series on the traditions of Losar, Tibetan New Year, here is a recipe for bulug, which is a fairly fancy type of the new year pastries collectively called khapse.
Tibetan Butter Tea — Po Cha Butter Tea – Recipe to Make Your Own Tibetan Tea (Po Cha)
Authentic Tibetan tea recipe by Lobsang Wangdu. Tibetans traditionally drink many cups of this hot, salty, buttery tea every day.
Tibetan Bread: Amdo Balep Tibetan Bread: Amdo Balep
Lobsang Wangdu shows you how to bake authentic Tibetan bread from the Amdo region of Tibet. The crusty, round, yeasted loaves are wonderful eaten hot.
Thenthuk - Tibetan noddle Recipe for Comfort —Thenthuk — “Pull” Noodle Soup
Easy, delicious recipe for Tibetan hand-pulled noodle soup by Lobsang Wangdu. Nothing is better on a cold winter evening.
Nyima la cooking shogo khatsa. Photo © YoWangdu.com. Shogo Khatsa: Spicy Potatoes
If you’re a person who can handle some hot peppers, you are going to love our friend Nyima’s wonderful shogo khatsa — spicy potatoes — recipe.
Tibetan Food Ingredients. ©YoWangdu.com. Can I Cook Tibetan Food at Home?
Yes! We give you some pointers on how to find or substitute even the most challenging and unusual ingredients.
Tibetan Hot Sauce — Sepen — Tsering Tamding's Sepen: Tibetan Hot Sauce Recipe
Yummy, authentic recipe from Tsering Tamding, our marvelous guest chef. This is a variation of the traditional Tibetan hot sauce, with a tomato base.
Khapse: Tibetan Losar Pastries. Photo © YoWangdu. Khapse Recipe: How to Make Tibetan Losar Pastries
Lobsang Wangdu teaches you how to make the most common and simple Losar khapse, called nyapsha. Includes a video.
Changkol for Losar morning. ©yowangdu.com. Changkol: To Start Losar Morning off Right
Try some changkol, as Tibetans do, for the first dish you eat on the first day of Losar, Tibetan New Year :-)
Veg_Shabalep Shapale — Tibetan Fried Meat Pie Recipe
Lobsang Wangdu’s delicious, authentic recipe for Tibetan fried meat pies. This is one of the all-time favorite dishes for Tibetans.
Making Pa Tsampa: It Doesn’t Get More Tibetan Than This!
An introduction to the most uniquely Tibetan food, tsampa. Tsampa is flour made from roasted barley, and has a nutty, hearty flavor.
shamtrey Tibetan Food: A Visual Guide
Are you new to Tibetan food? Or just want a reminder of some of your favorites? Here are images of 25 of the most beloved Tibetan recipes.
Ready to drink! Photo © YoWangdu.com. Tibetan Chang: How to Make Rice Beer
Our guest chef Kelsang Chodron shows you, with a video, her family’s authentic, easy recipe for drechang, Tibetan rice beer.
Derga with bhungue amcho Insider’s Guide to Losar Eating Part 1
An introduction to Tibetan New Year food traditions leading up to Losar, including preparing Losar pastries called khapse, the Eve of New Year’s Eve soup called guthuk, and the chemar bo.
Shamdrey — Beef, Rice, Potatoes Dish Your Insider’s Guide to Losar Eating — Part 2
A peek into a contemporary Tibetan farmer family’s Losar food traditions for the first three days of Losar, like the bringing in of the important first water of the year at 3 a.m.(!) on the first day of Losar.
belap_korkun Tibetan Bread — Balep
Lobsang Wangdu’s quick, easy recipe for the standard Tibetan pan bread.
Tibetan tsampa dish. How Well Do You Know Your Tibetan Food?
Test how much you really know about Tibetan cuisine with this list of eleven sometimes surprising facts about Tibetan cuisine.
Some momo shapes: half-moon, round, and a blend of both. Photo © YoWangdu.com Your Guide to Momos
Learn about Tibetan momos from a Tibetan chef — with a momo-making video and a vegetarian momo recipe. Enjoy!
Dresil Recipe: Tibetan Sweet Rice. Dresil Recipe: Easy Tibetan Sweet Rice
Learn an easy, authentic recipe for the Tibetan sweet rice served at Losar and other special occasions.
Thue: Tsampa, Butter, Cheese, Sugar Thue: An Original Tibetan Treat
Learn how to make thue, a sweet, cheesy, buttery treat often eaten at Losar and other special occasions.
bhathuk1 Thukpa Bhathuk Recipe
Lobsang Wangdu shows you his easy recipe for “bhatsa” noodle soup. The bhatsa are little hand-rolled scoops of noodle that are fun to make.
Leading the evil spirits outside with fire after eating guthuk. Nyi-shu-Gu Traditions: The Eve of New Year’s Eve
Rituals for purifying your home and body in the closing days of the old year, including the fun guthuk noodle soup, and the lue, the effigy that symbolizes all the negativity we want to be rid of.
dal-recipe-8 How to Cook Dal Bhat, Tibetan Style
A recipe showing you how to cook dal bhat as Tibetans do. Lobsang Wangdu teaches you his very fast, easy and flavorful recipe for masoor dal (red lentil), served with rice.
Tibetan momo burger Momo Burger: Best. Burger Ever.
Recipe for an easy and truly scrumptious blend of traditional meat momos with hamburgers, by Tibetan chef Lobsang Wangdu. They taste great :-)
laping5 Laping: Cold Spicy Noodles
A cool and spicy dish, laping is especially refreshing in summer.

If you would like to explore more of the wonderfully comforting, unusual flavors of traditional Tibetan food, please see our Tibetan Home Cooking eBook and video series.

This series focuses exclusively on authentic recipes that are commonly cooked in Tibetan homes, and includes the most beloved dishes that have been passed down in Tibetan families for hundreds of years.

You can learn how to bring joy to the people you love by making your own delicious, authentic Tibetan meals tonight.

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These are the recipes you get in Tibetan Home Cooking, each accompanied by a step by step video:


  • Tingmo: buns
  • Amdo balep: Yeasted round loaf
  • Logo momo: Fried/steamed bread
  • Numtrak balep: Deep-fried bread
  • Balep korkun: Pan bread

For Veggie Lovers

  • Shamey momo: Steamed vegetable dumplings
  • Shamey balep: Fried pies with vegetable filling
  • Shameytse: Cabbage and shiitake mushrooms
  • Shamey mothuk: Vegetable dumplings in soup
  • Trang tsel: Fresh salad

For Meat Lovers

  • Sha momo: Steamed beef dumplings
  • Labsha: Radish and beef
  • Sha balep: Fried beef pies
  • Thukpa gyathuk: “Chinese” style noodles
  • Shaptra: Fried beef
  • Sha mothuk: Beef dumplings in soup
  • Rutang: Beef-based soup
  • Shaptse: Beef with cabbage
  • Shamdrey: Beef + rice + potatoes
  • Drothuk: Beef porridge

A Little Something for Everyone

  • Thentuk: “Pull” noodle soup
  • Pa: Tsampa with butter tea
  • Sepen: Hot sauce
  • Po cha: Tibetan (Butter) tea
  • Thukpa bhathuk: Soup with small hand-made pasta


  • Dresil: Sweet rice
  • Bhatsa marku: Buttered small hand-made pasta

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By Lobsang Wangdu