“Pa”: Tsampa (Roasted Barley Flour) Dish

Tsampa (Roasted Barley Flour) Dish

Tsampa (Roasted Barley Flour) Dish © YoWangdu.com

Tsampa, the most uniquely Tibetan of all Tibetan foods, is a hearty, nutty-tasting flour made from roasted barley. The most common way to eat tsampa is to mix it by hand with butter tea, dried dri (the female of the yak species) cheese and sometimes sugar, to form a dough. In this form it is called, simply, pa, and for many Tibetans in the past, pa was eaten three times a day, every day. Today, it is less common to find those who eat only pa, but it is still a common food in Central Tibet, and for travelers, who bring a leather pouch for mixing the ingredients on the road.

See our post “Tsampa: It Doesn’t Get More Tibetan Than This!” for a video showing you how barley is roasted to make tsampa. For a modern twist, check out these tsampa snack balls recipes.

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By Lobsang Wangdu and Yolanda O’Bannon


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