How Well Do You Know Your Tibetan Food?

Tsampa Dish — "Pa"

  Eleven Sometimes Surprising Facts about Tibetan Food   Test how much you really know about Tibetan cuisine with the list below. Give yourself a point for every fact in the list below you already knew, and please tell us in the comments below how well you did, or if you know any other facts […]

Tibetan Food: A Visual Guide

Tseing and Lobsang are Cooking Tibetan Food

Tibetan food, which evolved to sustain a hardy people living at an average elevation of 16,000 feet, is like no other food in the world. Who else but Tibetans have a great time drinking salty tea and eating sweet rice in the same sitting? Or grow up on a steady diet of roasted barley flour […]

Tsering’s Tibetan Hot Sauce (Sepen) Recipe

Tibetan Hot Sauce — Sepen

  If you’ve ever eaten with Tibetans, you know that it is rare to have a meal that does not involve sepen, Tibetan hot sauce. Tibetan food itself tends to be mild, but that doesn’t mean that everyone doesn’t fire up almost every dish on the plate with dollops of sepen. This can include pretty […]

Sepen: Tibetan Hot Sauce

Sepen: Hot sauce

« Previous Page 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Next Page » You would be hard pressed to have a meal in Lhasa, and in Tibetan communities in exile, without being offered a healthy serving of fiery Tibetan hot sauce. While Tibetan food itself is very rarely spicy, Tibetans love to […]