Tibetan Hot Sauce: YoWangdu’s Favorite Sepen Recipe

I am not like some of my Tibetan friends who are crazy about eating super hot sauce (sepen). I like this one because it is pretty mild and when I was little, my aunt used to make a hot sauce like this quite often during the summer time, which was the time we could get fresh tomatoes.  In the […]

Tsampa Pancakes

  We’re delighted to bring you a new hearty and delicious tsampa recipe by Ann Lachman, owner of Purple Mountain Tsampa. (You may remember her great tsampa snack balls recipes from a few months back.)  Ann’s recipes offer tasty contemporary updates to the ancient Tibetan tradition of eating tsampa — roasted barley flour. We are […]

Tsampa Snack Balls: Delicious and Nutritious!

We are delighted to share these three beautiful new tsampa recipes by Ann Lachman, owner of Purple Mountain Tsampa. If you’re new to Tibetan food, tsampa is a hearty, nutty-tasting flour made from roasted barley. Ann’s recipes are a tasty, updated twist on the most traditional way of eating tsampa in Tibet, as pa — […]

Khapse Recipes: Bulug

As part of a series on the traditions of Losar, Tibetan New Year, here is a recipe for bulug, which is a fairly fancy type of the new year pastries collectively called khapse. See our Losar guide for celebrating Tibetan New Year >> For a simpler kind of khapse to cook, see our recipe for […]

How Many Calories in Steamed Veg Momos?

We are often asked how many calories are in steamed veg momos, so we sat down last week with an online nutritional counter and worked out the calories, fat, carbs and protein for Lobsang’s Cheese and Spinach Momos recipe.     If you would like to explore more of the comforting, wonderful flavors of traditional Tibetan […]