Vegetarian Guthuk Recipe

Losar Guthuk. Photo © YoWangdu.

Head’s up for Nyi Shu Gu and guthuk for 2015: The first day of Losar in 2015 is Feb. 19, but on the 18th, Tibetans everywhere will eat guthuk as they see out the old year. This year, there is no 30th day of the last month of the year, so, unusually, guthuk and the […]

Thukpa Bhathuk Recipe

Thukpa Bhatuk: Tibetan Bhatsa Noodle Soup. Photo © YoWangdu.

Thukpa Bhathuk Thukpa bhathuk centers on the little hand-rolled bhatsa noodles that most resemble, in their shape, Italian gnocchi, but with an extra little scoop. One of the benefits of this shape is that you get a little extra taste of the broth with every bite of bhatsa. Like other Tibetan noodle soups, thukpa bhathuk is […]

How Well Do You Know Your Tibetan Food?

Tsampa Dish — "Pa"

  Eleven Sometimes Surprising Facts about Tibetan Food   Test how much you really know about Tibetan cuisine with the list below. Give yourself a point for every fact in the list below you already knew, and please tell us in the comments below how well you did, or if you know any other facts […]

Tibetan Food: A Visual Guide

Tseing and Lobsang are Cooking Tibetan Food

Tibetan food, which evolved to sustain a hardy people living at an average elevation of 16,000 feet, is like no other food in the world. Who else but Tibetans have a great time drinking salty tea and eating sweet rice in the same sitting? Or grow up on a steady diet of roasted barley flour […]

Your Insider’s Guide to Losar Eating — Part 2

Beef Version of Labsha — Meat and Radish Dish

This is the second of a two-part series on Tibetan New Year food traditions. In part one, we explored the traditions of the days leading up to Losar, including the preparation of Losar cookies (khapsay), the Eve of Losar Eve’s soup (guthuk), and the chemar bo. In part two we will look at the Losar holidays […]

Your Insider’s Guide to Losar Eating — Part 1

Lotus shaped khapsays

In this two-part series, we’ll focus on Tibetan New Year holiday food traditions. For a full guide on celebrating Tibetan New Year, check out our post on Losar >> At Tibetan New Year — Losar —  which usually falls sometime during February or March, a typical central Tibetan family in the countryside will take a […]

Sha Mothuk: Beef Dumpling Soup


« Previous Page 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Next Page » Sha mothuk is a delicious soup version of the beloved Tibetan meat dumplings, momos. Tibetans love soup dishes, most likely due to a natural proclivity for warming foods at high altitude. The preparation for sha mothuk is fairly intensive, […]

Thukpa Gyathuk: Chinese-style Noodle Soup


« Previous Page 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Next Page » In the winter in Lhasa, Lobsang’s aunt and uncle used to bring egg and flour to a place with noodle-making machines that would create the thin, round spaghetti-like noodles used for the thukpa gyathuk. Thukpa refers to noodles in […]

Thenthuk: “Pull” Noodle Soup


« Previous Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next Page » Thenthuk (pronounced roughly like “ten” + “too” + k) is a typical Tibetan noodle soup from the Amdo region that keeps the nomads warm during the long Tibetan winters. It’s a great recipe that tastes wonderful with either with […]

Shamey Mothuk: Vegetable Dumpling Soup

Shamey Mothuk ©

« Previous Page 21 22 23 24 25 26 Next Page » Shamey mothuk is another in a fine line of superb variations on the momos (dumplings) theme. Shamey means “without meat” and mothuk basically means momos served in soup, so this is a vegetable dumpling soup. Here, we fill the momos with tofu, shiitake […]