Top 10 Places to Visit in Tibet from a Base in Lhasa

Above Shigatse on the Tashilumpo Kora

-+*From a Base in Lhasa, 10 Great Tibet Travel Destinations  Nowhere on earth can you find such an intoxicating blend of humming spirituality, art and raw natural beauty as in the high-altitude holy sites of Tibet. And, basically, every destination is a holy site, every path a pilgrimage, whether you are trekking to Mount Everest […]

Exploring Lhasa’s Sacred Jokhang Temple

Jokhang Temple

-+*YoWangdu’s Yolanda O’Bannon, shares with you her first impressions of Lhasa’s most sacred temple. The Tsuglakhang, also known as the Jokhang, because it houses the Jowo Rinpoche statue, is probably the wildest, most beautiful place in Lhasa, and that’s with some pretty fierce competition. At the entrance, my Tibetan friend and I pick up a […]

Lhasa: First Impressions

Khampa Butcher

-+*YoWangdu’s Yolanda O’Bannon, shares with you her first impressions of the ancient and utterly unique Tibetan capital. I couldn’t stop crying the first day in Lhasa, not exactly tears of joy, though there was some of that, and not because some fierce Khampa butcher called me either “fat” or “shithead” when I photographed his yak […]