Lhasa to Nepal

-+*  Lhasa to Nepal: An Overland Adventure The trip from Lhasa to Nepal is one of the most popular adventure tours in the world for good reason, starting in one of the world’s most exotic, fascinating cities, with a visit to the literally breathtaking Everest Base Camp along the way, and an option to continue to […]

Everest Base Camp Adventure: Overland from Lhasa to EBC

-+*  Everest Travel: From Lhasa to Everest Base Camp Tour A lot of our YoWangdu readers have been solo travelers asking for the chance to join more affordable group tours with a Tibetan-owned agency for their Everest travel. We are pleased to be able to offer now an extraordinary eight-day tour – from Lhasa to […]

Sky Lakes and Mountains Tour: Highlights of Central Tibet

-+*A 12-Day Overland Journey from Lhasa to the Nepal Border via Namtso Lake and Mount Everest If you only make one visit to Tibet in your life, you might want to pick this extraordinary one. Unusual and rewarding, it covers many of the cultural and natural highlights of Central Tibet, including Lhasa’s Jokhang Temple and […]

Can You Really Trust Your “Tibetan” Travel Agent?

-+*  Your “Tibetan” Travel Agent may not be Tibetan! Travelers to Tibet are increasingly aware of the need to support the Tibetan economy and culture by hiring Tibetan-owned travel companies and local Tibetan guides. Unfortunately, there has been very little information online to help you find dependable agencies truly owned and run by Tibetans. If […]

Where is Tibet?

-+*Where is Tibet? To put it simply, Tibet sits in the heart of Asia, right between India and China. Some consider it to be the far Eastern edge of Central Asia, while others classify it as East Asia. In this wonderfully clear map from Michael Buckley, we see the vast, high-altitude Tibetan Plateau, and the […]